OOTD: Transitioning to Autumn


It's finally starting to feel like fall in New York! For real though, it was starting to get to me how gross and hot it was, so thankfully the rain has started to fall and the weather has gotten a little more temperate. However, it's still fairly hot and humid out, so how do you transfer over to fall clothes completely when it's still too warm to wear certain things like bulky sweaters and wooly tights? I like to think of the month of September as a hybrid time of clothing. You can still rock some of the summer items like shorts, skirts and crop tops, but you can make it feel a bit more like autumn with other staples from your wardrobe that you might have had saved away for when it starts to get cold again.

For this outfit, I decided to mix it up a bit. It was still a bit too hot to go with a long-sleeved shirt or wear tights, but overcast enough that it wouldn't seem weird or out of place to wear some colder weather wear.

ootd1 ootd4 I layered a faux fur vest that I bought on sale at Forever 21 over a crop top and short skirt. Like I said, it wasn't too cold outside to be afraid to show some skin, but by adding the vest, I gave it a slightly cold weather look. The other thing that I love about the fall is that it finally feels right to wear ankle boots and knee-high boots again. In the summer it makes my feet too hot, but as it gets colder, I don't mind keeping my feet confined with these trendy shoes.

You may have noticed that my hair is different now too! I've gone natural, which means I have taken off my weave and decided to embrace my hair for the way that it is! I will occasionally straighten it, but to make sure it grows long and healthy, I'm going to attempt to wear it curly more often! Look out for a curly hair post coming soon. This look is called a twist-out, which helps me get a super defined curl.

ootd2 ootd3 My suggestion for transitioning to fall is to just mix up your closet and wear items from both seasons. It wont be completely cold enough for full autumn clothing for another few weeks or so, so in the meantime, break out some of the items at the back of your closet and incorporate them into your routine until you can go full sweater weather.

Outfit Details: Crop Top: Primark Necklace: Value Village Belt: Ross Skirt: Primark Purse: Primark Fur Vest: Forever 21 Ankle Boots: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Primark