A Trip to the First American Primark

One of the hardest parts about leaving the UK was the fact that I would no longer be able to shop at my favorite store, Primark. Yes, this was a legitimate worry of mine (I have a shopping disease, leave me alone!). As I left the store for the last time back in April, I said my reticent goodbyes and vowed to return someday. Meanwhile, there had been rumors of a Primark opening in the US, but I took those articles as lies and convinced myself that Forever 21 would be an okay alternative.

Well, I didn't have to wait long before the supposed rumors actually came true. Primark opened its first US branch in Boston on September 10th, and I was there at the store like a good fan as soon as possible on the 19th. Boston is a 4ish-hour bus ride from NYC, so I figured there was nothing better to do with my Saturday than head north to see what was up. I was nervous. I didn't know if they were going to change a lot to better appease the American consumers or if they'd keep the Euro-style I was so used to.

Upon arrival I was not disappointed. There were four floors of glorious items that gave me life. I wandered around each floor multiple times, grabbed everything that I could and enjoyed feeling at home in my happy place. While in Europe, people often make fun of those for shopping at this "disposable fashion" store, my reasoning behind loving it comes from a place of acceptance. In America, us curvier girls are often not able to shop at the same stores as our smaller counterparts. And if we are lucky, sometimes there will be a plus-size section, but the clothes are often different and unflattering.

To me, Primark (as well as many other UK stores) seems to understand that every woman, no matter their size, wants to wear cute, fashionable clothes. Their sizes go all the way from the smallest up to even bigger than I am, and it's all the same clothes. No separate section with awkward fitting clothes or extra costs just because it's a bigger size, it's the same and we don't have to sacrifice fashion sense like we might at other stores.