25 Before 25 Check In #1

25 Before 25 Check In #1


25before25 It's been awhile since I first made this list, so I wanted to check in while I still have 7.5 months before I turn a quarter of a century. Since creating this little bucket list of sorts, it's become apparent to me that trying to accomplish this all within 14 months might have been a little hasty, especially since some of these things actually can't be done now. But here's what I have and haven't done yet, and what sadly can't be done in the time allotted.


Find a job I adore - I'm finally working in a place that feels right for the sort of career path that I want. I can't reveal too much, but I am doing social media marketing and publicity for a couple well-known personalities and it fits exactly into the entertainment industry goals I have for my life.

Live in New York City - I arrived in New York City on April 26th and have been here happily ever since. This is the longest I've gone without seeing my family, but I feel confident about my decision to make the big move to the city and start a new life.

See a Broadway show - In May I got the chance to not only see my first Broadway production, but to see my friend Conner actually perform in it. He's an understudy for Elder Cunningham in Book of Mormon and I was ecstatic to see a show I'd been wanting to see since it opened, and support a friend as he got his stage debut.

Take UCB improv classes - I jumped right into UCB improv classes upon arrival and am currently in the second level of classes, which ends this weekend. I might have to wait awhile before I can take level 3, but these classes have helped me so much with my confidence in improv and performance.

Attend a major celebrity event - Back at the end of June, I attended the Del Close Marathon, which to me is a huge celebrity event because all my favorite comedians and actors were in attendance and I was able to see them all and revel in their amazingness. Not only that, but I had access to the party space, so I was able to mingle in the same room as many of them and even talk to a few.

Fall in love again - This one is sort of tricky because technically I never fell out of love with my boyfriend during those few months that we weren't dating, but now that we're back together and working through the long-distance until we can be together, our relationship has never been stronger.

Can't Do

Attain my MA in Creative Writing - Truth time: I withdrew from grad school. I thought I could finish my dissertation from New York, but unfortunately due to lack of good communication from my school and being so busy with life back in the US, it didn't feel right to continue in a lackluster fashion, so I withdrew from the school and now have a postgraduate diploma in creative writing rather than a Masters.

Adopt a pet - I live in an apartment that doesn't allow animals, so this wish won't be able to happen before I turn 25. I will add it to my "30 Before 30" list though.

Attain a lease without a co-signer - Another item that wont be fulfilled because due to my lack of job and terrible credit rating upon signing my current lease, my dad had to co-sign for me and I won't be signing another lease before I turn 25, so this will also be pushed to the "30 Before 30" list.

And here's what's left for me to accomplish.

  • Audition for a Broadway show
  • Visit a new continent
  • Be an extra in a film or TV show
  • Attend an SNL live taping
  • Be the opener for a popular comic
  • Complete a short film project
  • Go on a USA road trip
  • Have a “The Hangover” moment
  • Get another tattoo
  • Sing with a live jazz band
  • Be a “Human of New York”
  • Write something that goes viral
  • Throw a classy dinner party
  • Write a full screenplay
  • Have a photograph published
  • Interview a celebrity

Think I can do it all in the next 7.5 months? Let's see what happens!

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