Things the Heat Does to Me


I underestimated what summer in New York would be like. The movies make it sound grand and while I had heard rumors of the heat and even saw the Broad City girls suffer through it, I had NO IDEA just how terrible it would be. Coming from the mild summers of the Pacific Northwest, I am not cut out for this type of heat. This was one of the reasons I actually left Los Angeles; I was not okay with dealing with hot weather all year round. While I do have to suck it up the next couple months before it starts to get cold again, in the meantime, here are some things the heat does to me.

It makes me question everything

When I first arrived in New York, I was full of hopes and knew that this was the city for me. Now with the hot sun beating down on my face, I have begun to question my choice to live here. I know it's a ridiculous thought and I need to calm down, but I am apparently so sensitive to the hot weather that it pulls me into an existential crisis and I don't understand why I am alive and what's the point of living if the sun is so terrible.

It puts me in a terrible mood

You know how some people get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when it gets cold out and the sun is only out for a few hours a day? Yeah, well I have the opposite of that. I love the winter and I don't mind a small amount of sun. What I do mind is the sun being out all day and ruining my happiness. Some people thrive on the idea that summer is just around the corner and they can go tan and be outside later in the evening. The summer just makes me upset and then people make me feel bad for liking to stay inside.

It makes me miss my mild PNW weather

I kept saying how I never wanted to live in Seattle and that my life in the Pacific Northwest was over, but this weather is enough to make me want to buy a vacation home near Seattle and head west for the summer. Birds fly south for the winter, and I'll fly back to the east coast. I'm too poor to afford this option at the moment, but I truly miss the mild summer days of weather that only ever really hit the 70s. And then even in those rare times when it got higher, it didn't matter because the breeze from the ocean was enough to keep me cool and relaxed.

Makes me want to stay inside

I don't care how nice it is outside and that you want to go hiking or swimming or whatever horrid summer activity it is that you want to partake in. If it's 90 degrees out, I will find a much more entertaining thing to do inside, even if it's just laying in my bed doing absolutely nothing. As an introvert, I already like to be inside, but the heat makes me want to hibernate just like a bear would do in the winter. I'd rather trek the snow-filled streets than try to do activities outside when it's hot. Does this make me a freak? Maybe, but I'll stick to my inside where I can be protected.

Makes me get horrible tan lines

Thankfully the melanin in my skin makes it hard for me to get sunburned. However, instead I tan very easily, which means I can get a sunglasses or farmers tan in 5 minutes if I am not careful. I abhor both of these tans, yet because of the sun beating down upon my fragile Seattle skin, you'll know exactly when I got some sun and where on my body it didn't hit. Even if I'm walking somewhere for 20 minutes, I have to make sure I roll up my sleeves or take off my sunglasses and face the UV rays blasting into my eyes if I don't want to look terrible for the next couple months until the tan fades away.

Now that I've gotten all that complaining off my chest, please know that I think summer weather is beautiful and I don't HATE it, I just can't function like a normal human because I was raised in a more temperate location. Hopefully I'll adapt to the varying weathers of New York and over time won't feel the need to hide inside and instead enjoy the many things the city has to offer that unfortunately happen to be outside.