When Your Wanderlust Gets Out of Hand


I left London a little over 3 months ago. About 3 of those weeks were spent in the Pacific Northwest, catching up with friends and family, which kept me busy running around. Since the end of April, I've been in New York City. But despite that I am in one of the most interesting and exciting cities on the planet, I am still in deep, deep denial that I can't travel. I guess "can't" isn't the right word. It's more that with a full-time job and the expensive reality of living in New York, I am not at liberty to satisfy my wanderlust like I could when I was a student.

While there are many amazing events to attend and food to eat in New York, I'm missing that feeling of exploring somewhere new and foreign. When abroad, as much as I liked to complain about lack of sleep or clean clothes, at least I was seeing something new constantly. Here's how I know that I know my wanderlust is acting up.

I'm constantly checking Skyscanner for flight deals. I don't even know where I want to go, but I just mess with the setting and see what cheap flights there are to whatever destination seems interesting to me that day. I should probably spend my Christmas at home with family rather than go on a desert trek in Morocco, but I can't help myself checking what the best deals are just in case I bail on them and go off and spend my holidays exploring the souks.

I get jealous when people post travel pics. Even though I should be happy for them, I'm just bitter. I don't think it's fair that they're out there in China or wherever and I'm stuck in New York. I'm such a baby about this. I know I was doing the same thing to others when I was posting travel photos, but I am now on the other side and the other side sucks. "How can they afford that?" is always my first question too.

I daydream about leaving everything behind and buying a one-way ticket to somewhere tropical. I'm not actually going to do that, but it's a nice thought, until I remember that I have no money and would turn into a hobo and likely have to call my parents in shame after only a month of eating food out of the garbage. The romantic in me thinks this idea sounds good on the surface, but the realist in me know that it's not sustainable.

I'm actually starting to regret leaving London early. I could've stayed there legally until January 31, 2016, which means I would've had a good 6 and a half months left in Europe to gallivant in. I was so ready to get to working adulthood that I didn't take advantage of my time left to be a leisurely traveler. I had plans to go to New Zealand and also tick off the rest of my Europe bucket list, but I gave it up to move to New York.

Basically I am just yearning to see more of the world and I'm too impatient to wait to enjoy it. It's a disease that truly plagues me every day. I don't want to feel this way, but as a 20-something I just get antsy with my surroundings after too short of a time and just want to see something new. It's the unfortunate ailment of being a millennial and needing fresh mental stimulation every five seconds. Unfortunately, my wanderlust needs are expensive and far out of reach at the moment.