Current New York Improv Comedy Crushes

Current New York Improv Comedy Crushes


One of the best things about living in this city is the fact that I can go out and see amazing comedy every night if I so choose and that whatever I see will be so completely worth it. Over the past couple months I've spent a lot of time at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre so I totally fell in love with so many talented people who make me so excited when I see them get on stage. The best part is that these people aren't "famous" yet. They should be, because they're all amazing, but many of them have had bit parts in TV and movies or write for comedy shows, but aren't a household name yet. They're definitely on their way though and if you get a chance to see any of them perform, you definitely should, because who knows how short of time it will be before you can't afford to see them perform anymore.Β  Click their name to head over to their UCB page to see when their next show is.

Conner Ratliff

Conner is utterly hilarious. He's one of those people who barely have to do anything on stage and you laugh because his stage presence is just magical. He's definitely someone to watch as he rises in the ranks of comedy kings.

Shannon O'Neill

Shannon is the artistic director of UCB and rightly deserves that title. She has a huge presence on the stage and commands attention with her quick thinking and funny characters.

Tami Sagher

Tami not only is a fabulous improvisor, she also is a writer for many TV shows and I can't get enough of her. She's definitely a UCB treasure.

Chris Gethard

Out of all the people on this list, Chris is definitely the most well known. He currently has his own TV show, as well as does stand up. He can also be seen on Broad City as Ilana's timid boss. Chris' stand up show was actually the very first UCB show I ever saw back in April so he holds a special place in my heart.

Anthony Atamanuik

I can't help but laugh like a crazy woman when Anthony's on stage. He is so fun to watch and isn't afraid of going to some of the darker places in comedy that can be perfectly hilarious if done right.

Natasha Rothwell

This girl was one of the hopefuls for "the new black girl on SNL" a few years ago, and I know why; Natasha is so talented and funny! She may not perform on SNL, but she writes for it and still performs at UCB in many wonderful shows.

Michael Cruz Kayne

Michael is one of those people that it's hard to take your eyes off of when he's onstage. From the way he carries himself, you can just tell he's a seasoned performer.

Silvija Ozols

I'm biased about Silvija because she was my improv 101 teacher, but she's also a very seasoned performer, as well as a great instructor because she really knows what she's talking about.

Gavin Speiller

Gavin is a powerhouse onstage with the most adorable laugh that can be quite infectious as an audience member to hear.Β You've probably seen him in a commercial or two, and he pops up in other media from time to time, but he's definitely someone to watch in the comedy world.

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