Two Weeks in New York (By the Numbers)

Two Weeks in New York (By the Numbers)


It's officially been two weeks since I started my new life in New York and I've attempted to fill my days with interesting things. IMG_8292 Two improv class sessions at Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center.

Five in-person interviews, making me run all over Manhattan. (Three more this week)

Four excursions to purchase disgusting, greasy chinese food.

Twenty-plus subway rides around the city.

IMG_8237IMG_8323IMG_8303 One sketch video filmed for College Humor (I will post the link once it goes live).

Three improv shows watched, three stand up shows seen, and one improv jam attended.

Six celebrities seen (Seth Meyers, Chelsea Handler, John Slattery, Brian Stack, Conner O'Malley, Chris Gethard)

One Sufjan Stevens concert experienced at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.

IMG_8320IMG_8355IMG_8314 One million phone calls home, because I miss my parents.

Two hundred and twenty-two photos taken so far of this beautiful city.

Three unnecessary shopping trips which resulted in buying clothes I didn't really need.

Two friends caught up with (whom I knew from high school or college and now live in NYC).

IMG_8343IMG_8351IMG_8337 Now that I've done some sightseeing around the city and am super close to landing a job, I am ready to stop being a tourist and become a true citizen of New York. Hopefully this will happen with time and meeting more people and making friends. Any suggestions for "locals only" type places in New York I should check out? Comment below and let me know!

New York in Polaroids

New York in Polaroids

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