Interpreting New York's Comedy Scene

Interpreting New York's Comedy Scene


ucbIt's been a little over a week since I touched down in New York and I came here with absolutely no knowledge of how the comedy scene worked. All I knew was I wanted to take improv classes at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) and that was all I knew about doing. I figured once I arrived, I'd figure it out. Thankfully the comedy community in New York is really helpful. After meeting up with a few people in Central Park on Sunday, I was taken all over the city to different venues as well as told about some of the opportunities to take classes and perform.

Still being very new to all of this, I am definitely not an expert yet at all, but having been given resources and seen a couple shows now, I wanted to put together a resources list for anyone who wants to either get involved with comedy and improv, or even just watch.


There are so many choices (even more than this short list) of places to see improv and stand up comedy performed, but to get started, here's a few venues to catch a show, or possibly perform yourself.

UCB East & Chelsea

Gotham City Improv

The Treehouse Theatre

The PIT (People's Improv Theatre)

The Creek and the Cave

Laughing Buddha

The Triple Crown

Facebook Groups

If you're new to New York and want to get involved, Facebook groups are the quickest way to make new friends and find out what shows are happening.

NYC Underground Comedy Network

NYC Improv/Standup/Sketch Resource

Free Stand Up NYC

Improv Classes

Again, there are way more places to take classes, but these two theaters are the most prestigious (and expensive) and have turned out some of the funniest humans alive.

UCB Training Center



To see what shows are happening or what improv teams are out there, check out these extra resources.

Free Mics NYC

New York Improv Teams



P.S. A huge congrats to my improv friends PETER, who recently got accepted to the Del Close Marathon in New York this June!

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