Throwback Thursday: Favorite Moments Abroad


favemomentsSince I leave London in four days, I wanted to look over my time spent abroad and pick out my favorite moments. Exploring Shoreditch | Even though I'd been to London many times, this was the first time I went over to this area, and I instantly fell in love. I've been back at least once a month since. It's as hipster as you can get.

The Imitation Game Premiere | My first major premiere since a few years previous when I went to Sherlock Holmes. I was so ready to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, but missed my chance, as he stopped signing about 5 people from me.

ParisRome, Prague, & Amsterdam | When my ex-boyfriend was visiting me in the fall, we went tons of places all over London and Europe, and these four locations were definitely my favorites of the lot.

Meeting Michael Palin | Getting to see my favorite Python in person was a delight. He's as nice as could be and the most adorable older man.

The Hobbit Premiere | This event was huge and involved multiple days and camping out overnight in the freezing cold just to attend, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Missed Benedict at this one too, but...

Getting Benedict Cumberbatch's Autograph | Finally, at a very small awards show in December, I got my autograph and all those former attempts finally seemed worth it.

Marrakech & Scotland | In January I took a few trips, and these two places were absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get back someday.

The BAFTAs | Yet another testament to my insanity and willpower to meet celebrities. Another day of hours in the cold, but a wonderful event where I met very nice people and saw more famous people than I could handle.

Exploring Notting Hill | I'd been to this part of London many times, but this latest was with a group of friends and the sun was out and it was just lovely.