Sunday Swag | April 5


sundayswagI guess it's Easter today? That's how out of the loop on holidays I am. The train services have apparently been mad this entire weekend in London, but especially today, which makes me glad I'm not going anywhere today and just catching the Gatwick Express to the airport tomorrow. Speaking of that, I leave London TOMORROW! I seriously can't believe I'm about to leave the country I've come to love so much. I know I'll be back someday!

11088560_10203275267394032_4615385302318289932_nMy third time at the Alan Carr: Chatty Man was extra special this time because my friend (who does the social media for the show) was able to let my friends and I backstage! So after another hilarious episode, we were escorted to the green room for after-party drinks and chatting. I got a photo with Alan, who was quite lovely. Noel Fielding was a guest on the episode as well, but didn't stick around, which was a bit sad for me as I've always wanted to meet him. You can watch the episode here!

After following the Upright Citizens Brigade twitter like mad for the last month, they finally posted a class I was able to register for before it sold out (their classes tend to sell out in mere minutes). So I will officially be a UCB Improv 101 student starting May 6. The class goes from 12:15-3:15pm for 8 weeks, so I hope whatever job I get is alright with me not being there on Wednesdays during that time. This class will help me overcome some of my fears and work towards the comedy career I want to have.


My friend Allison had a birthday get-together on Thursday night, so I was able to see her one last time, and then the next night, I had some emotional final goodbyes with my course-mate friends. We went out to dinner and then got drinks and had a lovely final evening together. I am definitely going to miss these girls so much and know it's not goodbye, but a see ya later.