Spring Break at Home


IMG_4972This has been the longest I've gone without posting since starting this blog and I feel TERRIBLE! Keeping up with weekly content is something I pride myself on, but the last week and a half I've been back on the west coast of America, spending my time with my family and friends, applying for jobs in New York, attempting to find motivation to work on my finals (spoiler: I haven't even started) and relaxing as much as possible before my life gets hectic again with my upcoming move.

So what have I been up to in my 10 days back in the USA? Acclimating back into American culture by enjoying Applebee's, improv, Panda Express, dollar bills, the PNW scenery, stand up comedy, so much alcohol, hanging out with my beautiful friends, Starbucks' Pike Place Blend, transferring all my accounts from UK to US, my mom's Keurig, driving a car (on the right side of the road), dyeing my hair, sitting on a couch watching Netflix with my sister, being very unimpressed with the shopping in America (Primark has ruined me), eating carbs again, sending out dozens of job applications every day and getting over jet-lag.

Being home for a couple weeks has definitely been the much need break and social time that I needed. But of course, this break shall soon be over and I'll be on a plane to NYC on April 26, and have to begin again. It's suddenly hitting me how soon that actually is, and that half of my time at home is over and I need to start taking seriously that soon I will be starting a new life in a city I've never been to. It's not the first time I've done a big move, but this is the first time I'm taking a step in my life that may be permanent, and that's scary for me (someone who isn't the biggest fan of commitment to a place, the cons of having wanderlust).

And what does the rest of my break entail? Well, actually doing my finals (one 5,000-word essay & one 2,000-word essay) would be a good start. I still have many friends to see and hang out with. The weather has been beautiful so I hope to get out and do some photoshoots. I'll still be on that job hunt grind until something comes up (although I've had some promising emails so far, so that's good). Hopefully I'll find something worthy to blog about over the next week, but with how distracted I am, it might not happen until I get to New York and have a lot of exciting new things to photograph and write about. Until then, stay tuned for my next big life step!

P.S. I miss London with a passion and am currently planning how and when I can go back. Possibly for graduation this November if I can swing it :)