How To Live Your Life Like Lucy Ricardo of I Love Lucy


I grew up with my grandparents as my parents, so I was introduced to television programs that other people my age might not have known about. As a kid, I'd cuddle up with my mother and we'd watch "I Love Lucy" together and I'd laugh so hard and ask if life really was in black & white back then and when the world turned to color. Lucille Ball became my muse. She taught me all there was about women being funny and that I could be like her if I just made people laugh too. But her character, Lucy, also influenced my life in a lot of ways and surely changed a lot of people's lives. Aspiring to live life like Lucy Ricardo should be at the top of everyone's lists.

Come Up With Crazy Schemes

If Lucy was good at anything, it was coming up with solutions on the fly. Yes, a lot of them didn't work out as she planned, but she was always ready to come up with an idea of how to fix whatever was going on in her life that she didn't like or enjoy. Everyone can stand to try this method. Don't just sit and accept your fate if you don't like it! Grab your best friend and come up with an idea of how to change that and work towards something better and more exciting. And if it doesn't work out, at least you tried something.

Fangirl Over Celebrities

Perhaps going as far as stalking or sneaking into a famous person's house isn't the best tactic, but Lucy was constantly star struck and beyond excited to meet her silver screen heroes. In the real world, meeting a celebrity is an exciting event! Be happy you've met someone you idolized, but be courteous of course. Never let people tell you that it's weird to be interested in pop culture. Wanting to meet a movie star is no different than them wanting to meet their favorite football player or scientist or author.

Use a Fake Identity

Sometimes a girl's got to use a false identity to get through difficult situations. Whether its Lucy using her maiden name of McGillicuddy or us modern women needing to give the annoying guy hitting on us in a bar a fake name so they can't find us on Facebook, it's always good to have a backup ready to go.

Do (Almost) Anything to Become Famous

Never letting Ricky diminish her fire and passion for performing, Lucy pushed past that and auditioned and sometimes even forced her way on stage just to show off what she felt she was good at. If you know in your heart that you belong in the limelight, never let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Who knows, maybe they're right, but don't listen! Shine on even through the darkness. If your dream is to be on the Broadway stage or on film, make sure nothing stands in your way to pursue that goal. Showbiz is tricky and Lucy luckily had connections through Ricky, so find your own connections and go for it.

Tell it Like it Is

Lucy was never afraid to tell off her husband Ricky when she didn't like something. Her sassy attitude allowed her to stand up for herself and give people a piece of her mind when she was stifled. She didn't let the fact that it was family, her husband or best friends stand in her way of making sure they knew exactly how she felt. This can definitely be useful in every day life. Many times it really is hard to take a stance with what you want to say, but it's very important to get out those words and feelings so people can know how they're affecting you, especially if it's in a negative way.

Have a Supportive Best Friend

Ethel was Lucy's rock, her partner-in-crime. She was always there for her, even through the craziest of ideas, but never shot down her friend. Everyone needs a bestie like this. We all need that someone who will listen to us complain about our significant others or give us a hand when we really need something. Ethel was extremely loyal, even through all the many fights her and Lucy had, but they always made up and stayed strong together. Finding the person in your life who is like that will make such a difference.

Embrace Your Ugly Side

No one can be pretty all the time, and Lucy definitely knew that. Whether it was dressing up like a tramp, wearing a false nose, or getting her head stuck inside a trophy, she embraced her weird looks and hoped her friends and Ricky would love her anyways. Don't worry about pleasing everyone with your looks or what you wear or do. You can't look like a model every day and sometimes a bad haircut or a big stain on your pants you didn't realize was there can seem like the end of the world. It really isn't. Be okay with not always looking the best.