Big City Livin'


Growing up in a rural place, I longed for a life in the big city. Cliche, right? I didn't want to continue daily drives to school or rehearsals, and passing the mandatory five cows on the left, and herd of sheep on the right. There was something deep inside me that wanted to be in the middle of everything all the time. Since detaching from my parents, I've made it a point of trying to live where the action is, which is why my life has taken me to Los Angeles and now London, and soon New York. And living in a city has been everything I imagined. I feel constantly connected and have the ability to find something to do at any time. There's always an event going on or a opportunity to take advantage of. I've also learned a lot about what makes a city different than a suburban or rural town, other than the obvious reasons (population, layout, etc.).

You can totally blame being late on the transportation. Both in LA and London, people were constantly late to things, and the excuse was always that traffic was bad or their train was late, blah subway blah bus blah car broke down. It is a valid excuse (if it's actually true), but I definitely feel that people take advantage of that fact and then just lie to cover their lack of promptness.

Locals love to make sure you know you're not one of them. Well, I'M SORRY I WASN'T LUCKY ENOUGH TO GROW UP HERE! Seriously, the people who were born and bred in cities like to make you feel like you don't really belong there, and act semi-patronizing in their attitude towards the people who move there. (Local: "Well, I'm sure once you've been here 10 or more years, then I guess you can call yourself a 'Londoner.'")

You must give up your unborn child just to get an apartment. Seriously, I am appalled at how hard it is just to move to a city. Coming from a place where you didn't even need a credit check, and the security deposit was minimal, to since then realizing if I don't have first & last months rent, plus a security deposit, plus a brokers fee, plus a kidney, I fear I'll never have a steady place to live in New York, isn't exactly encouraging.

Anonymity can be your best and worst friend. The rules of not looking strangers in the eye on the streets or public transportation reigns strong in cities. It can make you feel isolated, because lack of human interaction can be weird, especially when coming from a small town. But it's also the best advice because people have gotten upset or attacked when looked at for too long.

Everyone there is "trying to make it." In LA, everyone wants to work in the film & TV industry. In London, everyone wants to climb the ladder of their industry. And I suspect everyone in New York is there to become an actor, comedian or Wall Street executive. People who move to cities go there because they're ambitious and there's more opportunities than a small town.