What I've Missed About America


When you spend your whole life in a place, you get used to the way things are done. This is called your culture, and there's no way around it. Everyone is a victim of their own culture, with an unfortunate leaning towards reverting into it, no matter where you are.

I am more of a victim of American culture than I had realized. I thought I would be one of those expats who gladly threw everything they ever knew about home and adapted to their surroundings, but there are way too many things I miss about America, that I never expect to.

Splenda Everywhere

Call me a weirdo, but I am very picky about what sugar substitutes I use. I know it is possible to find Splenda in the UK, but it’s really only available at the grocery store and when I’m out and about and I want a coffee or tea and the local place only has sugar and then some gross version of Sweet n Low available, I get very antsy. In the US, I could find it in every drink shop without fail.

Reunited with my Hair Straightener

Obviously I could’ve just bought a new straightener and curling iron when I got to London, but since the one I left back home was very expensive and wonderful, I didn’t want to waste money to buy a new one if I was eventually going to be able to be back with mine. I was able to use it over winter holiday while I was home and it was heavenly.

Matching Comedy Tastes

I am absolutely in love with British comedy, but I’m actually eager to get back to the US because I miss doing stand up and feel that American audiences better fit the kind of humor I cover in my routines.

Appropriately Priced Items

Perhaps it’s only because the dollar is so weak right now, but my God, everything in the UK is so expensive. After converting the amount I’ve spent, it’s really hard to believe how something could cost that much. Then again, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but I’ve noticed that the prices don’t really vary around the country, so it’s just overpriced everywhere.

Being Legally There

The most frustrating part of living abroad has been that I know I’m not here forever and that I could get deported anytime for some ludicrous reason. I guess I miss the fact that since I am a citizen of America, I can live and work there without any difficulties that expats face. Also, the familiarity of the country, alongside family and friends and the customs, makes life a lot less stressful than when you add the immigration factor in.

If you’re currently an expat, what are some things you miss about your home country?