Things I Will and Won't Miss About London


It's getting down to less than two weeks before I leave London, and I'm starting to reflect on my wonderful and tortuous time here. I absolutely love this city and all it has to offer, but not everything was sunshine and daisies all the time. I was encouraged and frustrated, hopeful and disappointed, ecstatic and complacent, and through all those emotions, I found out what it meant to be a temporary Londoner.

Miss List

99p Pret a Manger Filter Coffee - After struggling to find a cheap coffee brand that I would like, I finally discovered that Pret's filter coffee is inexpensive and actually good. I think I'll miss the price most of all.

Transportation System - London seriously has one of the best transport systems in the world. I'm going to miss the amazing double-decker buses, which have whisked me around the city so faithfully since September. I'll miss getting to the other side of London seamlessly on the Tube.

Primark - I can't imagine my life without Primark just a 30 minute bus ride away. I've never had another store in my life that gave me fashion that fit me and was inexpensive. There isn't really an American equivalent.

Anglophilia Everywhere - There's nowhere I can't go without getting some sort of awesome proof of history and allusions to great literary or visual works. Every building has a past, and any corner could be where a fictional Charles Dickens character would've walked.

My Friends - I've made some amazing companions during my time in London, and will no longer be near them to complain about school with. But I am happy to have at least made lasting memories with them and wish them the best with their lives.

Can Do Without

Being Called Sim - For some reason, every time I tell people my name is Sam, they think I'm saying "Sim," so that's what been written on my coffee cups or what I've been called by people, and it's odd. You'd think people would know Sam is a common name and not refer to me like the popular video game.

Awful Exchange Rate - Thankfully in the last month or two it's gone down a bit, but for the rest of the year, it was so painful to realize how much everything was when I converted it back to dollars.

Long Phone Numbers - This is just because it's annoying to memorize, and can get a bit confusing and frustrating when you've only used US numbers your whole life.

Distance from Home - Unfortunately most of the people I care most about in my life live all the way on the West Coast of America, and that makes it a bit harder to stay in touch with the 8-hour time difference and 10-hour flight.

Dorm Life - I can't believe I decided to live in a dorm again, because it's been not very fun as a 23-year-old to be back in that environment. I will only be living in apartments with one or two roommates from now on.