London from Above: The Sky Garden


skyLondon is definitely one of the best cities to find free things to do. While browsing unexpected places to go in London for free, I found out that the Sky Garden in the "walkie talkie" building over in the City, offered visitors free views of London from the sky, I knew I had to sign myself up. And anyone can! Go to the Sky Garden website and sign up for which day and time you want to go, and you can take a quick elevator ride up to the top of the world. sky2 sky3 sky4 sky5 With stunning views of the city below, there is no reason not the check this place out. Not only do you get the views, there also lies a lovely garden of trees and plants to enjoy as you walk around the 360 degree view.

sky6 For those looking for a really amazing date spot, there's a bar and even a restaurant at the top. It's basically the equivalent of the Seattle Space Needle, except you don't need to pay to go up. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, and I'm glad I got such breathtaking views of London.