Why I Am Not Cut Out to be a Hardcore Traveller


I say I don't need luxury, but I really do. Not the kind most first class people might need, like a butler and ladies maid to attend to them while they're on their yacht, but I am not one to feel comfortable, nor happy, if I'm living like a hobo out of a backpack. I fully admire the people who can do this. I wish I could pack a few shirts, a pair of jeans and chunky sneakers into a hikers backpack and run off to South East Asia for a year on a "spirit quest." I really wish I could, but I cant. I feel very uncomfortable when I am unable to be in a familiar bed after too long of a period, and feel awkward if I don't have all my belongings with me.

I like to dress well and feel pretty. Living out of a bag makes this hard. Compiling clothes down to the bare essentials makes me nervous. Using face wipes to clean my face is weird (I need a washrag and a big mirror). Only taking eyeliner in my bag hurts. Toiletries are not fun to carry around.

Maybe someday I won't care about lack of clothes and the fear of fitting everything I own into a backpack and setting off on a 10-month trek across Australia. But in the meantime, I am needing a bit more comfort out my journeys. I want to enjoy where I'm seeing and the way I can do that is by feeling comfortable. I'm not comfortable when I am deprived.

So to all you who do what I cannot, I commend you. You're doing a very brave thing. You're only packing one pair of pants and that's lovely. You are okay with washing your clothes in a river. You have a pretty face, despite not wearing any making or brushing your hair. I, on the other hand, go crazy with the thought of any of that, and should probably stick to 7-day-max trips and stays in at least a semi-decent hostel. You hardcore travellers rock!