London: Expectations vs Reality

When I arrived in London last September, there were a few things I had really thought would happen, but so far, real life isn't exactly like my thoughts.

Expectation: All British accents sound like Colin Firth's.

Reality: I literally can't understand most of the people I talk to.

Expectation:  I will ride the Tube all the time.

Reality: I prefer the bus. It takes longer, but it's less crowded and not stuffy.

Expectation: I get to see Big Ben every day! Yay!

Reality: Okay, that's a clock.

Expectation: I will get bored of shopping all the time because of the easy access.

Reality: I'm in Primark 2-3 times a week. My wallet is hurting.

Expectations: I will make tons of British school friends.

Reality: The only people who will hang out with me are other international students.