Work Experience in London


IMG_3095Everyone knows I came to London in the hopes of finding a job so I could stay and get a work visa. Since that's not happening now, I figured it would still be very valuable to find a work placement while I was abroad, just so I could get some more experience in my field, as well as be able to say that I've interned in London. Part of my scholarship requires that I volunteer 40 hours of my time to a charity organization, and I wanted to use those 40 hours doing something I could enhance my PR skills with.

I was lucky to find a posting through my school for a volunteer intern position with a non-profit company called, Leonard Cheshire Disability, so I applied, had a very informal interview, and got to work right away as a member of the events team. I've only been with them 2 weeks now, but I am loving it! I get to do all the things I'm good at, including social media, writing letters, research and fundraising.

IMG_3094 This is my temporary desk while the normal owner is away on maternity leave. I love working with the events team. Everyone is quite young, fun, supportive and it's nice to be surrounded by actual English people all day. Doing this internship makes me excited for when I move to New York and get a job where I actually get to see people everyday who work in the same industry as me and have similar interests.

If anyone is studying abroad or in the UK for grad school, I totally suggest you look for a work placement, even if it's only a short program. It's a wonderful way to gain valuable skills in the area you're interested in, meet new people, and something to add to your resume. I'm actually a bit sad I didn't look for one earlier, because I could've done multiple internships during my time abroad, but I am very happy that I'll have 3 months with Leonard Cheshire Disability to learn more about PR and non-profits.