A More Realistic 2015 Travel List

A More Realistic 2015 Travel List


travelist I made a travel wish list for this year, which I looked back at and realized it seemed a little unrealistic for how little money I'll be living on this semester. I'd like to revisit this list and actually make one that will happen.


I'm about to leave for this trip in a couple days and I am excited for my first venture to a country in Africa. I got a really good deal on flights because RyanAir had a 25% off flights in January sale, so I jumped on it and planned a trip to get the discount. I am excited to see what beautiful photographs I can take in this city.


I need to get up to the top of this island and see the gorgeous scenery that I keep seeing in pictures. This will probably happen in a couple weeks, since I want to go when there is still snow and I can get some great shots. I just need to figure out my route, because there's so much to see up there.


With Eurostar, you can go from London to Brussels and then on from there to any city in Belgium, so I am dying to get to Bruges and see this fairytale city. This may be my last trip to the continent for a long time, so I really want to make it count. I'll probably do this trip at the end of January or beginning of February.


I rebooked my Cairo trip for February, so I'll be heading there in a month and a half. I am quite nervous, but am reading up on how to stay safe and prepared for this country. If my childhood dream of becoming an archeologist taught me anything, it was that I need to see the pyramids and great structures of Egypt before I die.


I already booked my ticket to go see the Downton Abbey estate for the end of March, so it will kind of be my "goodbye to England" journey. The ticket to get into the castle was actually not that expensive (only £11), it'll be a bit more of a challenge to actually get out to there by train and then a taxi from the station, but I'm excited to fangirl hardcore when I'm there.


I decided that it's really important to be able to see my family and friends again before I move to New York, so I am going to leave London even earlier than intended and go home to Washington state for a few weeks in April. This means a New Zealand trip won't be happening, but I know I'll be able to go someday.


At the end of April or beginning of May, I will make my new life journey to New York City to start working and attempting to become a successful performer of sorts. Thankfully NYC has everything I need; PR jobs, comedy, arts, celebrity stalking, etc. I'm excited for this next step in my life, and hope to be able to visit friends who live on the East coast.

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