In Bruges


bruges1 bruges2 bruges3A few years ago, I saw a film called, "In Bruges," which introduced me to this beautiful city in Belgium. Since I am trying to live on a stricter budget this semester, I decided to limit my trips to a few locations, and places that wouldn't kill my wallet. The Eurostar train runs from London to Brussels multiple times a day, and it only takes two hours. Another hour from Brussels is Bruges, and I knew I wanted to see this city.bruges4

bruges5 I woke up pretty early to catch my train and set off to this little city. This was also my first trip away from London since I started my low carb diet again, so I was hoping I would be able to handle traveling and eating strictly while away from home. I think the lack of energy I had, due to the minimal carbs I was eating might have affected my trip, as well as the overcast weather, because I wasn't as impressed with Bruges as I thought I would be.bruges6

bruges7 Don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful town. There are huge cathedrals and buildings everywhere that are very worthy of seeing and exploring, but Bruges is definitely a city you can see in less than a day. I had thought it would take two days, so I booked a night in a hostel on the edge of town, and ended up spending most of my time there, since sadly, I ended up seeing everything I needed to see in a few hours. There's a long history in this city, and it was very lovely to walk around in, but by 6pm, I was ready to turn in for the night.bruges8

bruges9 I suggest Bruges as a part-day trip if you are wandering around Europe. Since it's a short train from Brussels, I'd also suggest you try to do those two cities in one go. I really did love how pretty the city became at night. That magic quality I saw in it when I watched the movie, "In Bruges," really became apparent once night fell. Since I got all I needed to out of Bruges in one day, I decided to head to Brussels in the morning and check out that city before heading home.

bruges10bruges11 I will say this; if you're traveling alone and on a diet, some places really don't make sense to go. If I was able to eat waffles and fries and had a friend with me, Belgium would've been so much more exciting. But all alone and not able to eat anything tasty, it's a lonely trip and you'll get through everything fast.