Wandering Grad's Year in Review: Moments of 2014


yearreviewSo much has happened since the beginning of 2014. From the entire grad school, financial aid and visa application process, to preparing to leave for London and then my first semester of my MA, it's been a long 12 months of intensity in my life. For some of these moments, I blogged about it, and for some of them I didn't, but these moments are the ones that stood out to me in my year in review. Click each header to read or see something from that moment of my year!

Sending in my grad school application

At the beginning of January, I finally sent in my applications for grad school, and suddenly a whole weight was lifted off me, and then piled back one when I realized I had to wait for the decision.

Dating my boyfriend

The whole sad, "we'll date until IΒ leave" thing started in January, but it was very important to me that we were together, even if we didn't have that long to enjoy it.

Getting accepted

I got a few answers right away, but my first choice (creative writing), said YES! in February and that meant I was going to London to write and work on my novel.

Almost ditching grad school

I had some fears and struggles in March, about whether or not I should actually go through with grad school and instead just travel and move to New York, but I quickly got over it and decided London was a go.

Performing in Corktown

Theatre is my first love, and I was happy that my last show at my university was a world premiere piece in May about race and gentrification. I was also asked to music direct the show as well, which was a learning experience.

Quitting my job

I was originally going to stick with my job until I left for school in September, but after too much discomfort in my workplace, I quit my job at the end of May and had my entire summer open.

Getting a full tuition scholarship

I woke up to the best news ever in June when I received an email telling me my entire tuition would be covered by a scholarship! That meant $20,000 less I had to loan for school.

Receiving my student visa

It cost a lot of money, and was full of annoying paperwork and fingerprinting appointments, but in July, less than two weeks after I sent my passport away, I was now officially able to be in the UK legally.

Becoming a writer for Londontopia

One of my goals was to start trying to make money off writing, and I was so happy in July when Londontopia gave me that chance to become a contributing writer for their website.

Departure day

At the beginning of September, I took off to London (via Reykjavik) and months of planning finally had paid off, because I was on my way to Europe to start my MA.

Starting grad school

I haven't talked hardly at all on this blog about school (mostly because it's all boring stuff), but near the end of September I started back to school after a year of not being a student.

Boyfriend arriving in London

After an impatient month away from him, at the beginning of October, I was excited to welcome my boyfriend to spend two lovely months in Europe with me.

Going back to Paris

I'd been to Paris twice, but only briefly, so in the middle of October, when I got to go back and spend a gorgeous, long weekend there with my boyfriend, it was everything I ever dreamed it to be.

Boyfriend leaving

A very sad moment in my year was when my boyfriend and I parted ways at the end of November. We had previously agreed to not continue our relationship from a distance, but I was grateful for the time we had together.

The Hobbit World Premiere

Having been a fan of Lord of the Rings as a pre-teen, it was important to me to spend the beginning of December at the film premiere for the final Hobbit film, which was a magnificent event.

Deciding on New York

As much as I love London, in December I decided that I would not face the struggle of trying to get a work visa, and leave the UK gracefully next year to find work in New York City.

What are your favorite moments from 2014?