Travel Wishlist for 2015

Travel Wishlist for 2015


wishlist My Wanderlist is quite long with places I want to go to. But 2015 is only 365 days, and obviously I won't be able to complete every place on that list in just a year. So I wanted to create a list of places that would be manageable to try to do next year. Other than the first three (which the tickets are already paid for), the others will depend upon how much money I have, but I am hoping I get a nice tax return in the new year to help me take these journeys.

Marrakech - Morocco

I've already booked my trip to Marrakech for January, and I cannot wait to go! This will be my first journey to Africa, and I think Morocco is the perfect place to start. I can only imagine the beautiful photographs I'll be able to get from my trip.

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, & Alexandria - Egypt

I originally had booked my Egypt trip for December 2014, but then decided to come home for Christmas, so I've re-booked it for February. While I am very nervous to go alone, mostly because of the sexual harassment, I am still overjoyed to be able to fulfill a childhood dream.

Highclere Castle - England

Otherwise known as the "Downton Abbey" film set, I am really happy to be able to go see it in person at the end of March. They only are open a few times a year for visitors, due to the filming schedule, so I'm grateful I could get a ticket and go pretend that I am back in 1920's England.

The Highlands - Scotland

I would've tried to get up to Scotland earlier, but with trains and plane tickets being surprisingly expensive to get there from London, I decided to wait until next year to go see all the Lochs and beautiful landscape of Northern Scotland. I hope to go in January or February, when it's snowing, so I can get a true Scottish Highlands feel.

Bruges & Brusssels - Belgium

Ever since I saw "In Bruges," I knew I had to get there. I think I'll wait to go until March, when the weather gets a little better, and then explore the city, perhaps with a short trip to Brussels as well. It's actually a pretty cheap trip to take if you go by Eurostar.

Dubrovnik & Split - Croatia

I keep seeing gorgeous photographs of Croatia, and I need to get myself down there. It seriously looks like the set of some sort of fantasy island paradise. It's a forgotten part of Europe that most people don't think of right away when deciding to go abroad, but I really need to get there and see it in-person.

Athens, Mykonos & Santorini - Greece

I'm thinking that Dubrovnik and Athens might be a trip I take together, since they're close, and possibly some island hopping will be a fun mini-break to take. Athens, as well as other parts of Southern Greece look so pretty in photographs, so if I can do a nice trip in April or May, I think I'll be very happy.

Positano, Naples & Pompeii - Italy

My dream has always been to rent a car and drive down the coast of Italy. Positano is on the Amalfi Coast, and I'd love to be able to fly into Naples, get in a car, and drive from there to Pompeii, to Positano and enjoy the natural beauty this part of the world has. This trip will probably take place in May when it's not too hot yet, and I can see the glittering water.

New York City - USA

Since London may be almost impossible to stay in, I will be moving to New York City in either June or September. Either way, I will finally go to NYC, which has always been a city I've wanted to visit and live in. Moving there will be the first time I've ever been, so I'm excited to see how it is.

Wellington, Auckland & Christchurch - New Zealand

This one is a long shot, but if I somehow can afford it, I'd love to be able to take an extended break in New Zealand next year. There's a possibility I would attempt to get a working holiday visa, but if I decide to do a leisurely trip, I'd hope to go either over the summer or sometime in winter. I want to see Middle Earth in all its glory.

Where do YOU want to go in 2015?

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