#OneLastTime: The Hobbit World Premiere


I was beyond excited to know that I would be in London for the third and final film premiere of the Hobbit films. I've been mentally preparing myself for this since finding out the date a couple months ago, and thought I'd camp out the night before to make I got a good spot, until I read this article, posted by Warner Bros. only a few days before the premiere. Basically, they said that wristbands would be given out the day before the premiere, so that changed my plans entirely and I headed down to Leicester Square two days early to get a number from people who had been already camping out for multiple days. These are the same people who gave out numbers at The Imitation Game premiere, and told me I HAD to camp out, or else my number was invalid.

I got my number (147, not bad), ran home to get food and prepare to stay outside overnight, and went back to Leicester Square for the night. Thankfully one of my friends (who seems to be just as obsessed as me), decided to get a number and camp out with me, so we went back around 10am to make sure we could keep our numbers and staked out a spot in the square. I decided I didn't want to sleep so I stayed up all night. Other than being yelled at, moved like cattle and head-counted like prisoners in a war camp, this night of staying outside wasn't nearly as terrifying as when I did the Sherlock Holmes 2 premiere three years ago. The usual drunk people and homeless lot tried to mess with us, but there were almost 300 of us there, so we held our ground together. The people giving out numbers were trying to make sure we stayed in our order and were actually camping out, so I had to stay out there (unlike my original plan to check in, leave and come back in the morning).

Around 6 in the morning, the crew to set up the premiere came along and told us we needed to move so they could start putting it together. We moved around the corner, regrouped, checked in again and got new numbers (13 people had disappeared so my new number was 134, even better). Since we weren't in our line anymore, my friend and I stood around until we could understand what was happening. We heard they might start giving out wristbands early because of how many people were already there (by 8am there were over 500!), so we went to a nearby fast food restaurant to get breakfast and watch out the window for any sudden movement. By 9:30am I was getting bored, so I figured I'd go back outside and check out what was going on, and right then, the people from Warner Bros. decided to start handing out wristbands early, so by 10:30 I was wristbanded and told to leave and not come back until Monday at 11am, which meant I could be warm and sleep!

I came back the next morning, got into my space in line and waited patiently until we were to be let into the fan pens. Around 1pm I was wondering if we'd ever be let in. The security guard kept messing with us and not letting us know the real time. Finally around 3pm, we got to take our place in the pens. I thought I had picked out a good spot right in front of the cinema doors, but the girl I was with said we should move down, so I abided (which I shouldn't have done, because we ended up being in front of the media, which is one of the worst spots to be). We then proceeded to wait another 2 hours until the entertainment started. It was amazing to see what they had set up for this world premiere. There were video screens everywhere, a Middle Earth-themed stage, as well as a green carpet instead of the usual red.

At 5:30, the stars started to arrive, and this is when things got very exciting. There were tons of celebrities there! Pretty much every person from the film was present, and these movies have a very large cast. It was amazing to see these people I had grown up watching, live in-person. It seemed like every minute there was a new star arriving on the green carpet, so it was a treat to see everyone up close. Because we were in front of the media, we got to look at the celebrities longer, but many of them either had signed earlier and then skipped us, or had went straight to the media pen, and then headed up to the main stage for their big interview for the live broadcast.

I was very bummed that I was one person away from Richard Armitage to get an autograph, before his publicist whisked him away. I also missed getting an autograph or selfie with Benedict Cumberbatch once again (it will happen someday!). But to make up for my sadness in that factor, the lovely and kind Billy Boyd came over and signed in our section, and I was so happy and lucky to get a selfie with him. He's just as goofy and sweet as I had imagined him to be. This is Pippin! He has to be ;)

It was just star after star who came past us, reminding me of why I love this Middle Earth universe so much. These people acted out these roles brilliantly, and to see them was definitely worth the night outside, as well as the long wait all day. I think the greatest thing was to see Orlando Bloom, a man I used to have a pre-teen crush on, alive and well (only because he hasn't done much acting over the years, and I'm glad to see he hasn't died, despite the fact he was in the two most recent Hobbit films). I almost got his autograph too, but he started signing about every third persons stuff by the time he got to me, so I was missed.

By the end, I came home with six autographs (in order below; Evangeline Lilly, Peter Jackson, Ryan Gage, Jed Brophy, Billy Boyd and Phillipa Boyens), one selfie with Billy Boyd, and the amazing memory of having attended the final Hobbit film premiere. Only the people there live can say that they did that, and I am one of them. This wraps up 13 years of my life being very obsessed with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, and I can't think of a better way for me to have celebrated my love of JRR Tolkien's books and how Peter Jackson brought them to life on screen.