Photo Journal: Chasing the Sunset in Hampstead


I woke up late yesterday, and not wanting to waste my day, I left my flat, with no idea where to go, decided to jump on the next bus that came by and go wherever it would take me. Turns out, the first bus was one to take me to Hampstead Heath, a part of London I have long wanted to explore. I got to the area right around the golden hour (that hour right before the sun sets), and traipsed up the hill to find some beautiful views of London. I got lost a lot and never found a great view of the city below, but what I did find were lovely neighborhoods filled with regal houses and churches, all with the colorful sky in the background to add my shots. I definitely suggest a walk around Hampstead and the Heath, especially with the few days of autumn weather London hasΒ left.

hampstead1 hampstead2 hampstead3 hampstead4 hampstead5 hampstead6 hampstead7 hampstead8 hampstead9 hampstead10 hampstead11 hampstead12 hampstead13 hampstead14 hampstead15 hampstead16