Interview with Anna from Anna in Wonderland

Introduce yourself :)

My name is Anna and I'm an American expat living in the UK. I'm also a writer, PhD student (in history), blogger, YouTuber and have a major sweet tooth. I think that covers it!

You currently are getting your PhD in the UK. What made you decide to get your degree abroad?

Lots of different reasons, really. I did my MA in Amsterdam and I'm really close to the sites that I actually study. Since most of my research is in Amsterdam, it's a fairly inexpensive and quick flight over. Plus, it only takes 3-4 years here whereas in the US it takes some people up to 10. Women really have to choose between a career or family at the point, or to spread themselves really thin. I want kids in my 30s and didn't want to be trying to write a dissertation on top of being a mom to young kids.

In your travels, what would you say has left the biggest impression on you?

All of the people I've met. Honestly, it has been unreal. And I love having friends from all over the globe. Almost everywhere I go now I have a place to stay or friendly face to see. Also, going to Hungary was really eye opening and has had an impact on me. It was much different than I expected I think. But I am so glad I went.

You've self-published a few books now. What has the process for that been like?

Yes! I felt like self-publishing was giving up at first but I'm actually quite pleased. I was with an agent for a while and found the process of writing what's on trend and to other people's expectations exhausting. Funnily enough, the book I was told would never sell is making quite a bit and I'm receiving a great response. The other one that was told would sell really isn't doing as well. And it is all subjective and frustrating. I'd rather do things my own way. I've been on the Amazon bestseller list for my genre for a long time next to some amazing writers, so I'm happy!

Where do you see yourself (and your blog) in 10 years?

Ah, so hard to say. I'd hope my blog is still going, though I hope my readers grow and stick with me. Maybe I would start an online magazine or something. Not sure. I hope I'll be married with a couple of kids by then, teaching and working with theatre companies.

What are your favorite travel or writing resources?

I use lots of music for writing inspiration. And as far as travel...I swear by Hotwire!

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