Poppies at the Tower of London


Of course I waited until the last minute to go see the poppies at the Tower of London. I've been here for two months now and it took me that long to finally get over to this area of central London. With the poppies due to be removed on November 11th, I made it right in time. I was skeptical at first to take my time to go there, just because the photos I saw of it, didn't do it justice. But seeing it in person was so worth it. The poppies are beautiful, and even with a thousand people queuing and pushing to get a good look, it was breathtaking and definitely something I am glad I did. tower1 tower2 tower3 tower4 There was an appeal to keep the poppies for much longer, but they are due to be removed on November 12th, so if you are in London this weekend, make sure you see them before they are taken away. I wouldn't suggest waiting in the long time to see them, as there are viewing areas a bit further away where you can see just as fine.