Photo Journal: St Albans


I felt the need to get out of London for the day, so I consulted this list of day trips and planned to go to St Albans for some English countryside entertainment. St Albans was beautiful, and I definitely had a lovely day wandering around. I do indeed love London, but sometimes it's nice to get out for a bit and see other areas of this beautiful country.

stalbans1 stalbans2 stalbans3 stalbans4 stalbans5 stalbans6 stalbans7 stalbans8 stalbans9 stalbans10 stalbans11 stalbans12 stalbans13 stalbans14 stalbans15 stalbans16 stalbans17 stalbans18 stalbans19 stalbans20 P.S. I am happy to announce that I had an article published on Thought Catalog for the first time! It's not travel related, but if you'd like to read it, click here :)