Open Mic Night at the YouTube Space London


The YouTube Space is one of Google's best kept secrets. Known not to many, YouTube has various spaces throughout the world (Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and now New York City), where filmmakers with over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, can use the state-of-the-art facilities to make videos for their channels. They also hold workshops, parties, and monthly happy hour networking events. When I lived in Los Angeles last autumn, I was lucky enough to attend the Halloween party that the LA space threw, after hearing about it through my internship with a popular YouTube channel, and on that night, I got to meet many online stars who I've watched since I was a teenager. And what's the best thing about the YouTube Spaces? They're free to be a part of! Yes, all of the equipment, events, and food/wine is FREE! youtube5youtube1 I follow the YouTube Space London on Facebook, and saw that they were hosting their monthly happy hour, along with an open mic night, so I signed myself up, and headed down to the Google headquarters near Tottenham Court Road. First off, the building it's housed in is incredible. No only is Google and YouTube in there, but a lot of other entertainment companies. I may have to hang out around there too look for a future job. After a quick sign-in to receive a wristband with drink allowances, I headed through security and up three floors to get to the space. The London branch is not as massive as the LA one, but it was still a cool space, which I hope to use someday if I ever reach that many subscribers.

youtube3 There was tons of free alcohol, pizza and cookies to feast on, and then the open mic began, which provided some great entertainment. I didn't end up networking this time around, but I hope next month for their next happy hour event, I'll build up the courage to take to some fellow creators and see if I can find any fresh and comedic minds to help me with some projects I've been thinking about. I am so grateful to YouTube to have this amazing opportunity to help its new filmmakers out, and to continue to harbor relationships within the creative community. If you live in any of the cities with a YouTube Space, I highly recommend checking out their event schedule and signing up for a workshop or networking night. It's always entirely free and worth the trip.