Ode to the Eggnog Latte (On Winter in England)


eggnog I chose England, but not everything about England is what I thought I wanted. Growing up in America, I have a lot of privilege, and going to another country really makes me open my eyes to what I'm missing. And one of the big things that I long for around the holidays is eggnog. The Brits are not big eggnog drinkers. In fact, it's pretty hard to find eggnog anywhere, and if you do, it's often expensive since it's been imported. Thankfully, Starbucks has been my savior in this respect, which is the only place I've found in England that serves eggnog at this time of year (most likely due to its USA roots).

I haven't advertised this until now, but I am staying in England for Christmas. The reasons for not going home are not bitter; I just would rather spend money on a round trip ticket in April, when I can spend longer at home, and enjoy some better weather in the PNW. This leaves me to be "alone" this winter, which isn't as scary of a thought as I had originally had. Being away from family during Christmas and New Year's Eve will not be the end of the world. Yes, these are great holidays to spend with the people you love, but I am alright with being in London during this time. I will entertain myself by writing and going on short trips around the UK. I will be in Egypt the week before Christmas, which will be exciting. I will not be idle and bored.

After having been in the UK for almost three months now, I am missing things about America, but the eggnog latte has sort of a been a symbol of hope for me, as I continue to try to adjust to my expat life. One cannot always experience comfort at all times, and being away from my friends and family has been hard, learning to live in a foreign country has been harder, but there are tiny things that keep me happy and going strong in the midst of being away from my familiar settings. There is no shame in spending the holidays without family. I'm going to look at it as a new adventure, full of eggnog lattes to keep me fulfilled and content.