Meeting my Favorite Travelling Python: Michael Palin

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I still can't believe how lucky I am to get to live in London, because there are so many amazing opportunities everyday that I am happy to take a part of. It's funny how I posted about my holiday gifts for travellers a few days ago, and put that Michael Palin books would be a great present for someone, because then I found out that Michael Palin himself would be at Stanford's bookstore near Covent Garden to sign his latest release. I really got into Monty Python when I was in middle school. Other than being an Anglophile since a young age, I also enjoyed it for its insane comedy. Palin has always been my favorite Python, and certainly the most talented in my eyes (acting-wise). So when I heard he was going to be autographing his new book, I went down and made sure I could get a chance to meet him.

We was very kind and asked me where I'd travelled to and I was so happy and honored to meet this crazily successful man. He's basically done and been victorious with the two things I love the most; comedy acting and travelling. I'll definitely be cherishing my signed copy of "Travelling to Work," and I'll post a review on the book when I complete it (which is not likely to be until sometime after Christmas break, as the book is HUGE). What a career this man has had, and I can't wait to read his thoughts and words on his life.