Holiday Gifts for Travellers


It's exactly a month until Christmas and I've seen a few of these posts floating around about what kind of gifts to get for someone with wanderlust, and thought I'd make my own, since not every traveller wants the same things. Here's my take on it.

Michael Palin Books

After leaving his Monty Python life, Michael Palin went on to travel, a lot. He's hosted television programmes and written many books. For those of us who know him from his Python days, and also enjoy the new road he's taken, any of his travel books would be a treat to receive for some nice, holiday reading. Buy Here (UK) or Here (US).

World Jewelry

I can't get enough travel-related jewelry. Why not show off my passion through a necklace or bracelet. ModCloth has a great necklace of the world map, or you can go on Etsy and search for a homemade one and help out an artist.

Maps, Maps, Maps

As travellers, we can't get enough maps. We love them and want to have them in every form. There's Scratch Maps, which let people keep account of where they've gone. If you go to your local charity or thrift shop, you can often find vintage maps for sale. If you're feeling crafty, you can make envelopes or other crafts for a personal touch.

iTunes Store Gift Cards

There are thousands of apps in the iTunes Store, and many of them are travel related. Many of them are free, but there are some that you have to pay for, so a gift card to to a traveller who might need to download a special app for their journey will be much appreciative of this.

Camera Lenses

A photographer can never have too many lenses. Actually too many makes for a lot to lug around, but every traveller these days tends to have a DSLR, and buying them a 50mm 1.8, is cheap, lightweight lens they can use for every situation. If you want to splurge a little more, try giving the new 40mm 2.8, which is practically flat and great for street photography.

Memory Box

Everyone likes to save tickets and memorabilia from their journeys, and if you can find a cute one or a blank one to decorate yourself, you'll give someone with wanderlust a place to put their memories and savor the places they've been.