A Walk Through Colchester


With the beautiful fall weather covering England, I felt the need to use my Saturday to go back out of London, to a city about an hour away, called Colchester. It claims to be the oldest named city in England, so I was excited to see some historical buildings. Levi and I weren't disappointed. The entire city has remnants of its roots, and the lovely reds, yellows and oranges of the autumn leaves became a gorgeous background to our day.colchester1 colchester2 colchester3 colchester4 We arrived by train around noon, took a bus into the city centre, walked around the shopping area, wandered around some quiet streets, enjoyed the scenery and eventually got a great deal at a pub for a burger and some drinks, before heading back to London. I love how London is such a perfect hub to leave from. There are trains to everywhere, and in a few hours, you're somewhere completely different to the constant craze of the city.colchester5 colchester6colchester7 colchester8colchester9

colchester10 During our day, we stumbled upon a couple street markets, a vintage fair inside an old church, a beautiful park, old ruins, and a lovely secondhand book store. I ended up buying two books for £2 (both having something to do with Monty Python). We found our way back to the train station as it started to get dark, and rode back to London. I am very excited for more adventures in the UK. London is wonderful, but I also love the charm of the country. Being cooped up in a city for too long can get overwhelming.