By the Kilo: A Vintage Sale in East London


Back to Bethnal Green I went today, when I revisited the York Hall location, which is where the vintage fair I posted about previously, was held. This Sunday's sale, put on by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair company, was a great followup event to the last, with the premise this time being that you purchase by the kilo, rather than individual items. At £15 pounds a kilo, that's an amazing deal. Some of the items on their own should cost that much, so it's incredibly refreshing to be able to pair a few objects together for the same price!kilosale1 kilosale2 kilosale3 I arrived right as the early bird time opened. There were quite a few people there, obviously very excited to fill their purple bags with racks and racks of clothing. I was happy to see that this sale had all sizes of clothing. Sometimes, as a plus size woman interested in fashion, it's a gamble to go shopping for vintage clothes, as it's usually hard to find things that fit. But I was definitely not disappointed by the large selection of garments filling the room. It was lovely to see people so happy to find an item, whether it be jewelry or a clothing piece, that made them light up upon pulling it off the rack or picking it up off the table and trying it on.kilosale4 kilosale5

After an hour of searching, I ended up only like two items enough to take them home with me. I struggled with some other choices, but ultimately decided on two pieces I know I'd end up wearing a lot. A denim tank, and a lovely green cardigan, to which I changed into in the bathroom at the hall to take advantage of the full-length mirror (which I still need to get one for my own room). My bag only ended up weighing half of a kilo, so I could've gotten more, but am very pleased with the two items I got, since I'll get a lot of use out of them.kilosale6 kilosale7 To find out when the next event is, follow the Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale Facebook page. They're held all over the UK, so if you're not in London, you don't have to miss out at all.

Disclosure: I received free entry and a complimentary kilo of clothing for this post, but was intending to attend despite these gifts and loved every minute of the event.