A Few Hours in Pisa


For budget travelers, flying directly into Florence isn't always the cheapest option. To save some money, flying into the Pisa airport is just as effective, and you can do a quick stop and walk around the city before taking a short hour-long train to Florence. After waking up at the ungodly hour of 4am, I finished getting ready and left my dorm to get to Gatwick airport. After a nervous flight (when will I get over my fear of flying?) I arrived in Pisa to meet my boyfriend at the Tower of Pisa. Of course, with my luck, I bought a ticket for the wrong mode of transportation, so I ended up taking a bus from the airport to the train station, instead of the one I wanted, that would've taken me straight to the center of the city. This wasn't a big issue though, as I walked out of the train station, and got to walk along the beautiful streets of the city to get to my final destination.pisa1pisa3 Before arriving in Pisa, I did some research to find out what there is to do there, and sadly really the only result was the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was alright with me, because I was more excited to get to Florence, but it was still very delightful to walk around the small city and see the architecture and sights. I love how parts of Italy are trapped in time. Pisa is in the Tuscany part of Italy, which is so beautiful and I can understand how it gets so many tourists every year. pisa4 pisa2 After walking for 30 minutes, I finally came upon the Leaning Tower and was even more excited to spot my boyfriend from across the piazza and be reunited with him after he was on his own for a few days. We laughed a bit at the tourists doing the traditional holding up the tower pose, walked around the city some more, and then headed to the train station to find our way to Florence. I was glad I finally got to go to this historic city and see a landmark much spoken about. I doubt I'll return, but I'm happy to cross the location off my list. pisa5 Keep a look out for my posts about the rest of my Italy trip to Florence and Rome.