Florence: A City Frozen in the Renaissance Era


You can't walk off the train in Florence and not wonder if this city has got stuck in a permanent 16th or 17th century loop. After all, the city was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and the architecture and ambience of the city still holds that nostalgic feel that you don't get in many other cities in the world. I can't imagine living here and stepping out of your flat each morning into this historic city. It would be too much for me. I had always heard how amazing Florence was, and now I got to experience that for myself.florence1 florence2 Everything in Florence is so close to each other, making it a very walkable city. You can't walk more than a block without seeing some old building or religious structure. There's statues and fountains everywhere, and the past shows through even the newer parts of the city. All I really have to say about this place is that it's the the city where I've felt most enveloped into a time bubble. You can go to London or Paris and see old things, and they are beautiful, but right next to it is something completely new to juxtapose it. In Florence, it's almost all old and historic. You look down at the ground and wonder if these are the same stones from hundreds of years ago. florence6 florence3 florence4florence8 Levi and I walked around a lot. We saw the Santa Maria del Flore, the Palazzo Vecchio (with a replica of Michelango's David, which both of us were too cheap to pay the admission fee to go into the museum where the real one is housed), the whimsical Ponte Vecchio bridge over the Arno River, and everything in between. We opted not to go to any museums, but to just enjoy the free sights outside. I think this a good choice, as we weren't there for very long. florence5 florence7 We headed to our AirBnb location (which was a lot further from the center of town than advertised), and we were both so tired from all the walking that we crashed from 6pm until 8pm. We felt bad for wasting time to sleep, but it was much needed. We decided to not go back into town that night, but get up the next morning and explore. We went back out, via a bus, walked around some more. Fully drew in more of the beautiful vibe of the city, and then made our way back to the station to catch a train to our final destination of Rome. I will definitely be coming back to Florence in the future, and hopefully spending more time in the museums and streets, trying to enjoy more of this place. florence9 Watch out for my final post from my Italian weekend when I post about Rome very soon :)