Drag Show at The Black Cap

A week ago or so, I was looking through the Londonist's things to do for the weekend, and I found there was a charity drag show happening at The Black Cap, a famous gay bar in Camden. I decided I just had to go. I am a huge fan of drag shows and have never been to a professional one, so I bought a pair of tickets and counted down the days until the night of. It definitely did not disappoint! I had a great time, supported a good cause, as well as won one of the raffle prizes, which is a free dinner (including a bottle of wine) at The Black Cap.

This was also my first time experiencing alternative drag queens. Normally you expect them all to be like the ones on RuPaul's Drag Race; almost indistinguishable from a female. But at The Black Cap, these queens let all that traditional stuff behind and didn't let beards or hairy armpits hold them back from being gorgeous performers. I really admire that, and hope to catch another show there very soon. The venue was really nice as well. It reminded me of my favorite club from back home I used to frequent. I need the alternative bar scene back in my life!