A Day at London's Southbank

Since I am currently very broke until my financial aid comes in on Monday, I was trying to stay confined to my room so I wouldn't be tempted to spend any money. But then I realized that if I have no money, then I can't spend it. This led me to get up and see how far I could walk from my dorm to find something interesting. I figured London's Southbank would be a good place to venture to. I'd walked along there two years ago, but it was December so there wasn't too much happening. Since it's the end of summer, there was plenty to see this time around.

It was a treat to walk from my dorm, to Big Ben (only 10 minutes away), and then walk over the bridge to get to the Southbank area. It was a Saturday, so there were thousands of people to contend with, but it was definitely worth it. From large bubbles, to breakdancers, to street performers, I was never bored in my walk all the way down to St. Paul's Cathedral. It's really an easy and fun walk to do, so I suggest it to any currently in London, or to anyone visiting. Most of the people busking out here are actually talented, so it's basically a free show (unless you choose to give them a few pounds, which I couldn't do today, sadly).

There's plenty of things to do around this area as well. There's an aquarium, the London Eye, the London Dungeon, the Southbank Centre, the National Theatre, the British Film Institute, the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern. Throughout the year there are planned events, most of them free to attend. You can find out what's going on at southbanklondon.com if you're interested in taking a trip to this area.