Throwback Thursday: Stories of LA

At the end of August 2013, I moved to LA after a break up. It was a hasty decision and while I wouldn't call it a mistake, I will say that it was a really intensive learning experience about moving to get away from someone, rather than going where you want to be. I'd have preferred to move to NYC, but my parent's were only willing to loan me money to move to Los Angeles, since it was much closer. I packed up my car with all my belongings, sent out a million resumes and job applications, and arrived in LA with a semi-willing heart to start a new life. It wasn't what I wanted, so I left at the beginning of November to move home and apply for grad school. While there, I encountered some interesting things to say the least...

I think the most interesting thing to happen to me was when I was volunteering at a soap opera star's charity birthday party, and Baron Clement von Franckenstein came up to me while I was waiting outside, started talking to me, asked me for my number (to send me PR connections, according to him), and then proceeded to ask me to dinner the next day, to which I told him it was the Emmy's so I couldn't. He later sent me this lovely text...unnamed which was fine, other than the fact that he also sent his open robe headshot along with it and then kept calling me over the next week and thankfully got the hint that I didn't want to talk to him after a week of me ignoring his attempts. He was nice, British, a baron and a pretty successful film and television actor, but him being 70, and I being only in my early 20's is not exactly an arrangement I'm ever looking for. It was flattering, but not for me. I could've been the bride of Franckenstein if I had gone through with it. I could've been a baroness. It's weird to think how my life would've been different if I had gone on that one dinner.

While I was down there, I got hired at three different internships, which was wonderful because two of them were paid, and all three were in the PR industry and actually gave me really valuable experience towards my future in publicity, social media, graphic design and marketing. I worked at a food PR company called Crier Communications, and my boss was actually from the Seattle area, so we had stuff to talk about the PNW. My second internship was at a non-profit called thinkLA, which put on events for the advertising, PR and media industry in LA, and one of the events I got to attend was a huge Battle of the Bands between ad agencies at the Staples Center. The last was for the Wing Girls, who are pretty popular YouTube stars, and I got to attend their book launch party, help them film a music video, as well as go to a Halloween party at the YouTube Space. I also had an unofficial internship with a stand up comedy night at the Hollywood Improv, and assisted with publicity for that and got to see some great performers.

1170755_10200127289256546_55034435_nWhile I was there, I attended the movie premiers for "Prisoners" and "CBGB," which were very anti-climatic, especially after having the amazing experience I did in London at the Sherlock Holmes 2 premiere. But I also got to attend some live TV tapings for the shows "Mom" and "Sean Saves the World," which were really exciting, and got me some autographs from Anna Faris and Sean Hayes. I guess I got pretty close to Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman, but it was nothing like being so close that they give you an autograph and speak to you for a moment. I also had quite a few celebrity spottings in completely random locations, but that's what happens when you live in a city where a majority of the residents are famous actors.

Some of the other aspects of LA that weren't nessecarily highlights, but things I'll always remember are the annoying parking tickets I received for not reading the signs correctly, or getting my car hit by a girl who turn around a corner and didn't see me pulling out, or accidentally running a red light and seeing the red light camera go off and freaking out about getting a moving violation. Or first living with an actress and her beastly screaming daughter for a month, before moving into an ant-infested apartment with a vegan couple who had really loud, room-shaking sex. Needless to say, I did not say an official goodbye and packed my stuff into my car and snuck out of the apartment on November 1st at 6am in the morning to start my drive back to the PNW.

Like I said, it was a learning experience and I am glad I got to know what it's like to live in a major city and work in the entertainment industry doing PR. It definitely changed my mind about a lot of things I had thought I wanted to do with my life, but it's good to know what I am capable of, even if I could only handle LA for two and a half months. It allowed me to see that London was where I really wanted to be, and for that I am thankful. The heat, driving, superficial people and atmosphere of LA drove me towards my true desires and I'll leave the city to those who truly want to be there.